Millennials Can't Say THANK YOU

Hochman and Crowder
March 29, 2018 - 2:34 pm

An interesting thing happened after Hochman and Crowder went to producer Erick Falero's engagement party. 

"I'm staying out of this one," said Channing Crowder. "It's between the two of them."

Falero, recently engaged to the love of his life, invited his afternoon cohorts to the engagement party. 

It's customary for guests to shower the happy couple with gifts, and that's exactly what Marc Hochman did. 

"Erick specifically asked me for a $100 gift card to Carrabba's," said Hoch. "My wife and I complied, giving him and his fiance an engagement card with the gift card inside."

According to Hochman, this is when things took a weird turn. 

"He said thank you when I handed it to him, and later sent me a Snapchat on the night they used it."

After the Snapchat, there was nothing. 

Of course, Hoch can never keep off air matters off air. He took to the airwaves to let the listeners weigh in. 

"My wife and I would have preferred a written thank you," Hochman said, "as has been customary for hundreds of years."

If you ask Hoch, the custom of written thank you notes died with Millennials. 25 year old Falero is incapable of understanding that a texted thank you or a Snapchat shout out just isn't enough. 

But is Falero to be blamed for the ignorance of an entire generation?

When reached for comment off the air, Falero sternly said "No comment." But he added, "If you're asking me off the record... 'Screw Hoch!'"

Who's right here? Is an in-person thank you and a Snapchat enough. Or does Hoch deserve a telegram? Tune in to the Hochman and Crowder Show with Millennial producer Erick Falero weekdays at 2:00 on 560 WQAM.