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Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz: Championship Weekend, GOAT, OJ McDuffie Joins the Show!

The Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz
January 18, 2019 - 10:13 am

Hour 1 

- The guys started the show with breaking down the upcoming AFC-NFC championship, Robert Kraft's comments on Brady greatest decision ever for the franchise.  

- We replayed CBS Sports NFL analyst, Phil Simms interview from yesterdays program. 

-  The guys talked more about the upcoming championship match-ups, Kraft's comments of Brady and more NFL. 


Hour 2 

- Joe and Zach previewed the upcoming NFC-AFC championship match-ups, talked about possible Super Bowl match ups. We played the Robert Kraft sound about Brady claiming he was the best decision in the organization ever made by drafting him. 

- In this segment Joe talked about cursive writing in today's world has completely died out, Zach read texts from the listeners on the 3 greatest NFL players ever. 

- The guys discussed Spoelstra fining Dion Waiters for his comments post game in regards to lack of playing time. 


Hour 3 

- Joe and Zach talked about the NBA revealing referees now can interact with fans via Twitter, about officiating during an NBA game. 

- Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver, OJ McDuffie joined the program to discuss the upcoming  changed to occur during the off-season for the Miami Dolphins. 

- Joe talked about his time partying in the 80's, talked about him being the reason why Fort Lauderdale clubs close early, after we played Blue Monday by New Order. 


Hour 4 

- In this segment, the guys previewed the Hard Rock hosting the National Championship game and Zach read texts from the listeners about the best clubs in the 80's. 

- ProFootballTalk.com, Mike Florio joined the show to preview the AFC-NFC championship games, Payton-Peters feud, discussed the debate about which team the underdog between Patriots-Chiefs, listed Tom, Brady, Jerry Rice as best players all-time and more about the Antonio Brown saga. 

- Joe and Zach previewed this Sunday's NFL games. ​