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Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz: Mark Cuban Apology, Dolphins vs. Raiders Preview, Maroon 5 Performing at the Super Bowl

The Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz
September 20, 2018 - 10:39 am

Today during the 1st hour:

- Joe talks about the Belichick book that’s coming out soon. He talks about if there’s any rift between Brady and Belichick.

- We talk about Mark Cuban’s interview with Rachel Nichols, Joe and Zach proceed to rip Cuban.

- Joe and Zach discuss the drama brewing in Pittsburgh. Joe predicts the Steelers will get their season turned around.


Today during the 2nd hour:

- Interview with Thomas Brown, University of Miami Co-Offensive Coordinator and RB Coach

On upcoming game against FIU, “Yeah, the guys are pretty upbeat about it. Obviously we want to make sure everyone is prepared to play, no matter who we play. I always harp on everyone week no matter who our opponent is to do a good job of taking care of our business and making sure we’re prepared to play Miami football. The rest will take care of itself.”

- Hollywood’s Headlines, we go around the best headlines in pop culture with Hollywood


Today during the 3rd hour:

- Interview with London Fletcher, NFL Analyst for CBS Sports Network

On controversial Clay Matthews hit on Kirk Cousins, “There’s just no consistency in what is a penalty and what’s not a penalty, especially as it relates to these roughing the passer calls. It’s tough for defending to make plays and tackle the quarterback if they’re not allowed to touch them.”

- We play sound from Rachel Nichols grilling Mark Cuban. Joe and Zach rip Mark Cuban.

- Interview with Charlie Ebersol, Co-Founder of the Alliance of American Football League

“I was at those (XFL) games. 25,000 people showed up to those games and were rocking. I think that one of the things that missed, is that although it failed as a television experience, it was successful as a live event experience. One of the primary things we’re focusing on is that you have to put quality football on the field…”


Today during the 4th hour:

- We discuss the news of Maroon 5 performing at the Super Bowl this season.

- Interview with Spencer “The Nose” Gilden, Fantasy Football Expert

Nose pick of the week = Kenny Golladay, Detriot Lions WR.

- Interview with Trent Green, Analyst for NFL on CBS​

"It's an unorthodox way that they've gotten to 2-0... it's really been kind of an unusual way.  They've been dealing with injuries, getting guys back on the field, obviously with Ryan Tannehill's injury from last season. The great thing about it is that they're sitting there 2-0. Yeah, it hasn't been perfect. There's been points in games where they've looked really good, and other times you're scratching your head. It's good to have to fix things when you're 2-0 and know that it's only going to get better."