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Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz: McGregor Arrested in Miami Beach, Mark Duper Joins the Show​

The Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz
March 12, 2019 - 10:07 am

Hour 1:

- Reaction to free agent signings of Frank Gore to the Bills and JuWan James to the Broncos

- RIP Joe Auer, original dolphin

- What’s the hold up with LeVeon Bell not signing?

- Conor McGregor arrested in Miami after altercation outside of LIV…

- What would you do if McGregor smashed your phone?


Hour 2:

- Hollywood’s Headlines, We go around the best headlines in pop culture with Hollywood

- Interview with Mark Duper, Former Miami Dolphins WR

“When Dan and I had a disagreement, it was between Dan and I. When we had to win a football game, forget all that disagreement stuff, you can throw it all out the window. You know Dan needed us and we needed Dan. We hollered at each other and told each other things that we’re not supposed to tell each other, and then after that we would say okay we understand each other, let’s go play some ball.”  

- We rip the fan that had a verbal altercation with Russell Westbrook


Hour 3:

- We make fun of Joe for his awful singing

- Joe and Zach discuss which QB the Dolphins should go after

- We laugh at the reporters’ questions from Conor McGregor being released from jail

- Interview with Omar Kelly, Sun Sentinel

“This should tell you everything you need to know about the quarterback the Dolphins invested 57 million dollars and 7 years into. Nobody wants him. They treated him like he was special, and nobody wants him. That’s part of the reason to move on. I’ve talked to players and they are adamant that they don’t care who is the QB, as long as it’s not Ryan. I fully and firmly believe that they tanked the season in order to ensure that Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill did not return.”


Hour 4:

- Joe talks about how the Dolphins are no longer big spenders in free agency anymore

- We talk about how common it is for former NFL players to be broke later in their life

- What would you do if McGregor smashed your phone into pieces?

- We discuss the news of Teddy Bridgewater take a smaller deal to stay with the Saints as a backup instead of more money to start with the Dolphins