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Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz: Rodgers & McCarthy Drama, AAF Folds, Mike Florio Joins the Show!

The Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz
April 05, 2019 - 10:09 am

Hour 1:

- Josh Richardson injury news…has he been the most disappointing player on the Heat this year?

- Aaron Rodger and Mike McCarthy drama… How did it last so long?

- Joe rips the AAF for letting the players hang out to dry


Hour 2:

- Why are the Heat better on the road than at home?

- Joe and Zach discuss how Aaron Rodgers never liked Mike McCarthy

- Joe rips Bill Polian, Charlie Ebersol and Tom Dundon for making AAF players pay for their own medical expenses

- Hollywood’s Headlines, We go around the best headlines in pop culture with Hollywood


Hour 3:

- Joe and Zach discuss the success of the Miami Dolphins DCC, Joe shares stories about riding during the event

- We discuss the NFL Network’s list of fastest players in league history

- Interview with Kim Bokamper, Miami Dolphins linebacker. He suggests the Dolphins trading their entire draft to get the QB that they think is best in the draft. “I’m almost at the point where I’d go Mike Ditka drafting for Ricky Williams on ‘ya. Trade your whole draft for Kyler Murray if you believe that’s the guy.”

- Joe and Bo share a funny story about Bob Griese falling off his bike and injuring his wrist


Hour 4:

- Joe rips Mike Tannenbaum for ranking QBs on NFL Live

- Interview with Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

- We wrap up the show with the best texts messages from the listeners ​