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Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz: Urban Meyer Suspended, Greatest Lies in Sports, Tiger vs. Phil

The Joe Rose Show with Zach Krantz
August 23, 2018 - 10:25 am

Today during the 1st hour:

- Ohio State scandal fall out, Urban Meyer suspended for 3 games

- Adam Gase is taking shots at the media for over reacting to preseason

- Will you be watching Tiger vs. Phil play each other for $9 million?


Today during the 2nd hour:

- Joe rips Urban Meyer for blatantly lying about not knowing about text messages from his wife.

- Hollywood’s Headlines, we go around the best headlines in pop culture with Hollywood.


Today during the 3rd hour:

- We talk about the greatest blatant lies in sports history. Joe rips Nick Saban for saying he wasn’t going to be the Alabama coach the day before he accepted the job

- Interview with Brian Jones, CBS Sports College Football Analyst

On why athletes are held to a higher standard than coaches in the NCAA, “The NCAA is one of the best hustles going, I’ve been saying it for years. Big time college football, big time college basketball is the best hustle going. You’ve got a plethora of athletes rolling into these institutions, and they don’t really have any rights. Coaches are allowed to move around wherever they want for the highest amount of money, but players aren’t..”  


Today during the 4th hour:

- Interview with ​Joe Schad, Palm Beach Post

“Here’s what sucks about college sports, and it’s just a reality. Urban Meyer did what he thought was best for his football program. The Ohio State Board of Trustees did what they thought was best for their football program. And that’s all it is, man. Winning!”   ​

- Interview with Pat Riley, Miami Heat President

"There's no one man in the history of Miami that has taught a better culture than Coach Shula.  When you have someone at the top that believes in those kinds of core values as a sports coach, and it runs down to the players and into the rest of the organization.  I've tried to bring that culture and values to the Miami Heat."

"When it comes to basketball culture, we are the hard working, best conditioned most professional, unselfish, toughest, nastiest, most disliked team in the league."