Larry Blustein

3 FOR THURSDAY: Bice, Gordon & Trowers Turning Heads

Larry Blustein
March 21, 2019 - 12:40 pm

When it comes to getting exposure, this is the time of year where things start to heat up.

While many prospects are participating in track and field, spring football is waiting to help further showcase these athletes that weren’t in the spotlight this time last year.

As college visits are taking place during the upcoming spring break, athletes will continue to fight for those elusive scholarships.

When we talk about the importance of selling yourself and taking control of your own recruiting, this is the time of year to get that done. Contact schools that you are interested in and let them know.

Ask questions and look for opinions on schools, etc., but also make the decision on your own – based on everything you know about a school. Academics are everything – no matter what anyone suggests. It opens doors for everyone. Football is limited.

Each and every week during the year, we bring you prospects to keep an eye on. Our “3 For Thursday” segment shines the spotlight on prospects that are starting to turn heads.

Today, we learn about two rising seniors (2020) and a junior (2021):

2021 – Christopher Bice, WR, 5-8, 165, Southwest Miami. This is one of the many young athletes who continues to leave a mark on south Florida football.

A speedy and very skilled difference maker that fits into the scheme that the Eagles are running. He is an elusive football player who has it all, and continues to get better all the time.

Receiver, slot, return specialist and just about anything else that will give this team a boost, this is a young man who brings it – every game and every practice.

When the coaches speak highly of an athletes, you know that they are indeed very special. Another reason to see this team play in 2019.


2020 – Dasani Gordon, WR, 6-3, 170, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. When head coach Matt Dubuc said that this year’s group of receivers may be the best this school has ever had – the former Chiefs’ standout was not kidding.

This program, which won a 5A state title, has the athletes to now compete for a 4A crown, and prospects like this young man has been a huge plus.

His quickness and ability to run routes has given this team yet another player who can move the chains, which will be part of the game plan they will use this season.

This spring will see him get his chance to showcase the many skills that he has worked on over the past four months – since the season came to an end.


2020 – Marvin Trowers, Jr., WR, 5-9, 170, Hialeah. One of the most electrifying prospects in south Florida, this is certainly one of many who continues turn heads.

With spring approaching and the T-Breds expected to be right in the middle of the 7A race in the fall, this is a football talent that they can certainly use this coming season.

Whether it’s during the season or here in the months away from football, this is a talent who is working hard to get better – and watching him play – you get that sense.

When it comes to getting open, he is one of the best at running patterns, an having sense enough to break off the route when there is nothing, creating a positive for his quarterback.

Coaches have been talking about this quality football talent for a number year – and now as he heads toward his final high school season – many believe he will continue to get better and turn heads.


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