3 FOR THURSDAY: Bryan, Esteban and Smith Making An Impression

Larry Blustein
October 04, 2018 - 1:08 pm

This week the first point standings came out in the race for Orlando in December.


As many of the programs that fans felt would be in contention are indeed poised to make a run at winning a state title –other programs are certainly in unchartered waters.


What the first points release revealed is that playing a solid schedule will only help you. Seeing unbeaten programs behind others with losses at this point only illustrates that playing an easy road – while it won’t prevent you from making the playoffs – will hinder you once you get there.


Playing a tougher schedule should be a reward for these big time prospects who worked hard to get on the map. Our athletes need to welcome all challengers, even if it means having to go on the road – which happens often.


We have the product that ends up on NFL rosters more than anywhere else in the country. We have the star-quality athletes who are on everyone’s recruiting list.


Coming into Week 7, there are football players – at every level – trying to make an impression. This is the time of year when all eyes are watching, and what they are seeing are south Florida athletes doing what they do best.


Each Thursday during the course of a year, we bring you 3 football players that you need to keep an eye on. Some you may have heard about – while others are starting to flex enough muscle to get some recognition.


Check out this trio of potential head-turners:


2019 – Kahlill Bryan, DL, Plantation. One of the emerging defensive stars on a team that has had its share of elite players over the years. This is a strong force up front, giving this unbeaten team a huge advantage over the opposition.

Watching him play a number times, you appreciate how he has learned to play-off double team blocks and make the play.He is almost impossible to run up the middle against – and his pass-rushing skills are parts of the game that college coaches continue to watch.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7531597/KAHLILL-BRYAN


2019 – Danny Esteban, RB/LB, Miami Belen Jesuit If you have followed this program for any length of time, you already know how versatile and always ready their athletes are.

Here is a classic example of a football player who is so versatile that he will fit in anywhere – and last week against Coral Reef – with standout running back Don Chaney, Jr., out of the lineup – he stepped up and did the job. The fact that he can play anywhere, combined with his work in the classroom, continues to have colleges watching.


TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/4946945/Daniel-Esteban


2021 - Cedquan Smith, QB, Miramar. He had carved out a solid reputation at the youth level, so by the time he reached Miramar last year, this was one prospect who was ready.

Talented and very smart, here is someone we talked about for much of the past year – and as this season continues to unfold, here is a gifted young man who has more than shown that he belongs.Whether it’s using his legs or accurate and strong passing arm, Smith will be a player everyone will continue to watch. He is indeed the “backbone” of this offensive attack.


TAPE: http://www.hudl.com/profile/9518440/Cedquan-Smith 


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