Larry Blustein

3 FOR THURSDAY: Connor, Ealey and Taylor Opening Some Eyes

Larry Blustein
May 23, 2019 - 9:10 am

Talk about life changing. The past two weeks, with college coaches roaming the sidelines of spring football games and scrimmages has produced some very impressive results.

No matter what level schools you were looking for - coaches were watching and appreciating an area that is indeed second to none.

From the state of Washington to local programs such as Miami, FIU and FAU, colleges have been on hand to not only look at the major prospects, but those who have slid under the radar.

While many parents and fans complain that their prospect continues to get overlooked, it is now falling on deaf ears - because if you perform - over 100 college coaches are there to see it firsthand, and that separates this region of the country from anywhere else in the nation.

College coaches have the advantage of watching talent - at every level - do what they do best. Spring has become the definitive forum for all athletes.

South Florida’s reputation for churning out talent has brought these colleges here over and over again, so if you don’t get an offer - or a promise to get a closer look - that may be on the athlete and not so much on the local high school coach who is often to blame.

If you can play the game, there are enough eyes on you that will help determine your future.

What it comes down to exposure - and nobody provides that more than we do - every day throughout the year.

Each and every Thursday throughout the year, we bring you a trio of prospects to keep an eye on. Our 3 For Thursday segment shines the spotlight bright. Here are this week’s standouts:

2021 - Rance Connor, DB, Miami Booker T. Washington. What’s great about the sport of football is that one day you can be just another player - and the next - you are a major prospect.

Rance is the perfect example of getting exactly what you put into this great game, and watching him perform, you can see why he is one of the emerging stars in this game. His cover skills along with his ability to make plays has head coach Tim “Ice” Harris and the Tornadoes in a great position for the upcoming season.

Keep your eye on this young man. You will NOT be disappointed!


2020 - David Ealey, LB, Miami Palmetto. Track the success of any football team, and there are athletes who are just plain playmakers. This is one of those quality young man who fits that profile.

One of the better defensive football players in south Florida, David has remained too far under the radar screen, but that certainly is changing.

The success of the Panthers in 2019 will revolve around many top-flight athletes who continue to receive plenty of the spotlight, but on head coach Mike Manasco’s team, performers like this quality prospect will emerge and be the reason for whatever success is achieved. Very talented young man, who does his talking with his play on the field.


2020 - Jaylen Taylor, RB, Hollywood McArthur. For the past two years, here is a prospect that we have watched, evaluated and brought to the attention of football coaches and fans throughout the country.

While his size may not win you over, there are few who are tougher than this young man, who will have a banner season for the much improved Mustangs win 2019.

While he hits the hole quickly and is plenty fast, Jaylen is a smart and patient back who continues to showcase his running ability. He understands that every play does not have to end up in the end zone.

In the spring game against state power Miami Booker T. Washington, you could see that his potential and skill level was in place - and as head coach Pierre Senatus and his team improves and adds pieces to the puzzle, it will be this quality talent who will emerge - and those colleges overlooking him now - will be back.


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