Larry Blustein

3 FOR THURSDAY: Social Media Is Not Always So Social

Larry Blustein
March 14, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Every week during the course of a year, we bring you as many prospects as possible.

Whether it’s here on this website or via the many followers on our social media outlets – the objective is to promote every football player possible.

During the course of a year, more colleges and area high school football players are using social media as a way of communicating. That is a good thing. But what isn’t such a good thing is the way some are abusing it.

No matter what it may be, the things you are putting out via the internet is being watched by millions – and even though you believe what you may be posting is funny and harmless – you would be surprised how others perceive it.

In the past few years, athletes have lost a chance to get a scholarship because what they posted on any of the social media accounts – have proven to be their downfall.

College coaches are looking for character student/athletes. You cannot have it any other way and still be successful. It won’t happen.

You can still use social media as a positive outlet – as so many do, communicating with college coaches and other recruits. But if you are going to use it negatively, you have NO chance.

On a brighter side, this is the time of year when the athletes get the chance to showcase their skills at combines and 7-on-7 events, so as we continue to do each week, we bring you our now very popular “3 For Thursday”:

2020 – Karleon Gray-Johnson, OLB, Miami Norland. What’s not to like about this tremendous football talent who does it all.

Whether it’s at the outside linebacker position, who certainly can get after the quarterback, or on special teams – this is a talented young man who has the chance this off season to continue turning heads.

As a defensive player, here is an athlete who works hard and is a reliable teammate. His size and overall athletic ability will open doors. A solid football player.

Between now and spring – and then into the summer – a lot of positive things can happen for Karleon.


2020 – Chris Jones, DE, 6-5, 225, Coconut Creek. What head coach Gerald Cox and the Cougars are doing in northwest Broward County is building something special.

Having quality football players on the roster has certainly helped the Cougars get back into the playoff picture – with this impressive talent being one of the top players.

His size and quickness has attracted coaches from places such as FSU, Nebraska, Syracuse, Indiana, Pitt, Minnesota and Southern Mississippi to name a few.

With other leaders such as Simeal Burke, Jr., Shamari Weir and Trevelle Mullen on the defensive side of the ball, it will make life much easier for Jones who many are anxious to watch this spring.


2020 – Trevon Sanders, WR, Homestead South Dade. One of the pass catchers that many are not talking much about, but they soon will. This young man is that good and has a chance to really make a lasting impressions.

He runs very good patterns, is not afraid to go up for balls and mix it up and he has shown, against top competition, that he definitely is an emerging player who has the chance to really make a difference.

Has a few offers right now, but one figures that by the time the 2019 season starts, he will be a play-making priority.

Is another of those gifted prospects that will find out plenty in the next six months – when championships are often won.



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