FALL HUDDLE – Palmetto’s Kentron Poitier Is Rising Quickly

Larry Blustein
October 05, 2018 - 1:37 pm

FALL HUDDLE – Palmetto’s Kentron Poitier Is Rising Quickly 


PLAYER: Kentron Poitier


SCHOOL: Miami Palmetto

CLASS: 2020




SCOUTING: Every year, we have a number of prospects who burst onto the scene here in south Florida. Here is someone who has truly turned heads in every game he played this season, and he is far from finished.

One of the best basketball prospects around in south Florida, Kentron is really someone who has emerged this season as one of those big time athletes who is playing this sport for the first time - and doing it very well.

An amazing athlete who will start to pick up major interest in the off season - because of his size, athleticism and ability to pick things up quickly.

You can always tell how impressive someone is going to be - when they are playing a sport for the first time - and still manage to look like they have been doing it for years. While basketball will provide a good future - it’s football that will have a chance to land this rising standout in the NFL one day.

As he matures and learns, this junior will only enhance his total recruiting package. Those who didn’t know his name today, will certainly be the ones on line, waiting to get an interview by the spring. 

Keep this name close to you. It is one that you will be using plenty into the future.

TAPE: https://www.hudl.com/profile/11339485/Kentron-Poitier


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