Larry Blustein

FOOTBALL RECRUITING: It’s A Never Ending Process

Larry Blustein
February 06, 2019 - 10:45 am

So, today brings to an end another recruiting cycle – or does it?

As many signed on the dotted line back in late December, and will do so throughout today, it is NOT the end of this recruiting cycle. Not by a longshot.

As some view today as a humbling experience for many who didn’t sign – and do not have a place to go – others who have been around this for decades fully understand what this is all about.

There are a number of reasons to be humbled for many of these talented athletes. 

For some, they have done everything asked. Work hard during the season, worker harder in the off season and be the best student you can be.

These young men have been told – since they started high school – that if you get the grades – you will play somewhere.

As those words may seem hollow right now, the next phase after today for those who have qualified in the classroom, are small college events – such as the Orange Bowl Showcase on Feb. 16th and a number of other gatherings where smaller schools will have a chance to watch you do your thing.

What recruiting comes down to is there’s a fit for every athlete who plays by the rules, on and off the playing field – and is patient enough to know that while some will sign during the recruiting process, there are others who will find that match in the coming weeks/months.

There are so many people involved in the recruiting process these days, but it should never get in the way of what coaches have done for decades. Athletes have always been evaluated much like they are now – with the football season being the true indicator. 

You can never blame coaches and scouts for doing it their own way, but more times than not – if you cut corners or listen to others instead of watching football players play football with your own eyes – then you are really doing the athletes little justice.

If you evaluate an athlete and believe that you are helping them, you need not only to see them in those 7-on-7 and combine tryouts, but you better get out and watch those prospects that you are pushing hard – live - 5 feet away from you.

There is too much film promotion and not enough knowing the character of a talented prospect that you can find out by walking the sidelines, seeing what they are doing when not on the field. It also wise to watch them in another arena – such as basketball, wrestling, baseball or anything that also begs for leadership and discipline.

With so many opportunities for exposure – especially during the course of a year here in south Florida – the competition is great and those scholarships are not automatic.

“Working hard and keeping your nose clean is something that plays heavily in your favor,” said Dana Wiley of Prep Films Florida. “I have watched young men with plenty of talent who wanted that scholarship enough to chase it until they got one.”

Because you are not parading around with a college cap or using their logo as a screen saver, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be in that position.

Knowing that football recruiting is not just two separate signing days is understanding that the process simply never ends.

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