Larry Blustein

FRIDAY FOCUS – Recruiting Is Never An Easy Chore

Larry Blustein
February 22, 2019 - 10:38 am

With spring football nearly two months away for high schools throughout Florida, this is the time of year when college coaches will be on the other side of the fence.

As thousands of college coaches flock to south Florida throughout late April and into May – the next month will see high school prospects coming to see the college coaches that recruit them much of the year.

The schools throughout the southeast will get hundreds of south Florida football players attending spring practices and games, and will see for themselves how the head coach and position coaches handle their players. 

As the ante continues to raise at the next level – and recruiting is perhaps more important than it ever was – there is very little give and take. If you represent a college, and you are wearing their logo – there is no “Mr. Nice Guy” – probably never has been.

The world of recruiting has come full circle over the years. Many of those stories that you have heard are true – for the most part. It used to be different, but it has always ended with a shortcut and then a firing.

In today’s society of no privacy and everyone wanting to post something on the internet, what you do and what you say will come back at you – fast.

There are NO secrets anymore. Friends are friends, but when they have to put food on the table for a family, sorry – there is no time be overly cordial.

If you are illegally recruiting – it will work for a while – but then something will happen that is better than a paper trail. Someone who is scorned of feels left out - will talk.

The colleges have gone to great lengths to keep their heads above water, but when they are in the hunt for someone who can make a huge difference in their program – things happen. Boosters and alumni who love their schools tend to go overboard and it is NOT a good look.

Outside influences are the “kryptonite” to the NCAA or any other organization. The agenda they have is not something that can be stopped or planned for - because it is rarely shared.


What will be fun over these next six weeks is for many of our athletes getting the chance visit colleges and seeing how everything is run. Many parents and high school coaches go along for the experience.

“It’s part of the overall process,” said Dana Wiley of Prep Films Florida. “Things have really changed from back in the day – because the stakes are much higher with TV contracts and uniform and shoe deals. Much more emphasis has been put on recruiting – from the beginning.”

With so many schools traveling throughout the late spring and early summer, in addition to those prospects that get the chance to see plenty in the spring as well, it is a win/win all the way around.


At the recent event at the Miami Dolphins Bubble in Davie, linemen got a chance to show they were elite – with some head-turning results.

The Opening Regional showcased a lot of area players, but the linemen position was well represented in the competition.


2021 – Savion Collins, DL, Southwest Miami – 97.92.



2021 – Khristopher Love, OL, Plantation American Heritage – 95.07.



2020 – Westley Neal, DL, Miami Gulliver Prep – 94.53.



2020 – Elijah Roberts, DL, Miami Christopher Columbus – 94.44.



2021 – Donell Harris, DL, Miami Booker T. Washington – 93.42.



2020 – Khaya Wright, DL, South Miami – 92.67



2020 – Sam Anaele, DL, Miami Carol City – 90.69.



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