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MIAMI MARLINS: Going For Quality Depth In The Draft

Larry Blustein
May 28, 2019 - 1:01 pm

When the Miami Marlins step up to the podium this coming Monday, June 3, they will make a selection that will define where this franchise continues to head.

That first pick – along with the following selections in the annual Major League Baseball Draft – will continue to follow a plan that the new management set out to accomplish when taking over.

While many fans still fail to see the vision that Derek Jeter and his staff have in building this franchise – with a number of young players filling out the roster – building through the draft is indeed the direction that they are sticking with.

Having watched many of the current young prospects at the minor league level – whether it was before they came to Miami in trades – or this past spring when we had the pleasure of seeing the minor league players during March in Jupiter – there is a sense that this youth movement is a positive way to go, and while the first selection is vital, it will be the following picks that could uncover some quality players.

Following this organization since the first day, back in 1992 – with the Erie Sailors – the draft has never been a strong point. While there have been some quality selections, the overall depth has never produced surprises that great scouting and evaluation often brings. Many feel that it is changing.

As we gave you players to watch for in the opening round last week – this week, leading up to the draft, we will take a look at some of the prospects that this organization may target to enhance the overall minor league system, which is currently developing slowly.


Having watched many of these prospects perform at several showcases the past two years, the talent level is certainly getting better and better.

No matter if you project maturity from the high school level – or have had the chance to see some development from the college players available – there is never a guarantee that things work out, and that has been the great part of this draft that we started following back in 1965 when the then Kansas City Athletics selected outfielder Rick Monday.

This year, there is plenty of draft depth for the Marlins to check out – no matter who they select in the opening round.

Here are some prospects, while they may not head to Miami, could be targets that you will want to keep your eye on:


Spencer Jones (LHP)

Logan Wyatt


Cameron Cannon

Ivan Johnson

Michael Massey

Chase Strump


Christian Cairo

Cade Doughty

Rece Hinds                                        

Will Holland

Greg Jones

Drew Mendoza

Tanner Morris

Nasim Nunez

Kyren Paris                                               

Josh Smith

Jordys Valdes

Anthony Volpe

Connor Walsh

THIRD BASE                                               

Brennan Milone

Nick Quintana

Aaron Schunk

Davis Wendzel


Jordan Brewer

Dasan Brown

Thomas Dillard

Jerrion Ealy

Dominic Fletcher

Trejyn Fletcher

Matt Gorski

Hudson Head

Joshua Mears

Chris Newell

Bryant Packard

John Rave

Will Robertson

Jake Sanford

Sammy Siani

Kyle Stowers

Matt Wallner

Zack Watson


Phillip Clarke

Hayden Dunhurst

Jonathan French

Jaxx Groshan

Ethan Hearn

Cooper Johnson

Kory Lee

Kyle McCann

Drew Millas


Tyler Baum, RHP

Hunter Brown, RHP

Isaiah Campbell, RHP

Manny Cantero, RHP

Riley Cornejo, RHP

Matt Cronin, LHP

Andrew Dalquist, RHP

John Doxakis, LHP

Evan Fitterer, RHP

Grant Gambrell, RHP

Ryan Garcia, RHP

Tommy Henry, LHP

Zack Hess, RHP

Drey Jameson, RHP

Ryan Jensen, RHP

Karl Kauffman, RHP

Antoine Kelly, LHP

Jack Kochanowicz, RHP

Jimmy Lewis, RHP

Tony Locey, RHP

Alec Marsh, RHP

Alex McFarlane, RHP

Erik Miller, LHP

Ryne Nelson, RHP

Bryce Osmond, RHP

Ryan Pepiot, RHP

Will Rigney, RHP

Carter Rustad, RHP

T.J. Sikkema, LHP

Ethan Small, LHP

Noah Song, RHP

Graeme Stinson, RHP

Brett Thomas, RHP

Matthew Thompson, RHP

Jacob Wallace, RHP

Blake Walston, LHP

Kendall Williams, RHP

Brandon Williamson, LHP

Ryan Zeferjahn, RHP

NEXT WEEK: We will recap the top picks for the Marlins.


Throughout the year, we will continue to bring you a look at the talent the Marlins have throughout their farm system.

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