Larry Blustein

OFF SEASON HUDDLE – Dr. Krop’s Isaac Joseph Is Still A Huge Secret

Larry Blustein
May 22, 2019 - 9:28 am

PLAYER: Isaac Joseph


SCHOOL: Miami Dr. Krop

CLASS: 2020



SCOUTING: Ever since he was a freshman, we have watched what this quality young man has been able to accomplish - and he has not slowed down since.

A solid two-sport (wrestling) standout who has been one of the best in south Florida - his commitment to getting better and being loyal to this program is something that college coaches have admired.

Whether it’s on the offensive side of the ball - or defensively, college coaches have watched and have been very impressed at what he brings to the football field. His strength and athleticism are a combination that continues to carry him.

At camps, practices or in games, Isaac is a worker who gives everything he has - and over the past two seasons - has turned into a leader that teammates, coaches and colleges have noticed and Lightning head coach Tommy Caporale is indeed his biggest promoter.

This is his last spring/summer at the school, and you can guarantee that he will make it all count. Solid student athlete who has done this school and athletic program proud.


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