Larry Blustein

SPECIAL TEAMS SPOTLIGHT: Chaminade’s Borregales Kicks His Way Into The Spotlight

Larry Blustein
May 01, 2019 - 12:01 pm

If you follow special teams in south Florida – especially kickers and punters, the name BORREGALES is one that you already know.

With the success of FIU kicker Jose Borregales, a one-time Miami Booker T. Washington all-state selection, many have followed the success of this impressive kicking specialist, who helped lead the Tornadoes to a state title.

Fast forward a few years – and that name has once again surfaced at the high school level.

As Jose continues to lift head coach Butch Davis and his improving program, the name Andres “Andy” Borregales is now one that special teams coaches from across the country know very well.

From his first two years with Booker T. Washington and now at Hollywood’s Chaminade-Madonna, this is a kicker/punter who is among the best in the nation.

Last Saturday at the Kornblue Spring Kicking & Snapping Showcase at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, the Class of 2021 standout once again turned heads as he won the Punting and Kicking titles for his class.

The event, which attracted prospects from as far away as Arizona, California, Indiana, Massachusetts and Mississippi, saw the talented Borregales nail a 65-yard field goal to win the event.

With his brother blazing a path, Andy has followed right along and is considered as one of the nation’s elite kickers.

“This is something that I have worked to achieve since I can remember,” Borregales said. “With my brother teaching and showing me how to kick and punt, it has been a lot of fun to see the results.”

With his off season transfer to the two-time defending 3A state champion Lions, Borregales is indeed excited to be a part of such an elite program and knows that he can help this team in many ways.

Headed into his junior season, this is a talented young man who has put in the time – and with his family supporting all the way – has emerged as a specialist that everyone is watching.

The Spring Showcase, which Brandon Kornblue and his amazing staff put on attracted some of the best kickers, punters and long snappers.

“Everyone knows how tough it is for these special teams standouts to get college scholarships,” Kornblue, a one-time University of Michigan standout. “Hosting events like this really shines a spotlight on these young men who work so very hard.”


While Borregales stepped to the head of his class, there were others that also turned heads throughout the day.

Here is a look at some of the other winners in Fort Lauderdale:

JUCO/College Transfer Kicking Champion – Aaron Baum (Missouri Valley College, FL)

JUCO/College Transfer Kicking 2nd Place – Brandon Petruescu (Texas State, CA)

JUCO/College Transfer Kicking 3rd Place – Sebastian Mahecha (Broward College)

JUCO/College Transfer Punting Champion – Aaron Baum (Moval College, FL)

JUCO/College Transfer Punting 2nd Place – Joao Paulo Mattos (Coconut Creek Monarch)

JUCO/College Transfer Snapping Champion – Bryce Miller (CD Hytlon HS, VA)

2020 Kicking Champion – Graham Gotlieb (Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest)

2020 Kicking 2nd Place – Cole Hussung (Floyd Central HS, IN)

2020 Kicking 3rd Place – Steven Verdisco (Tampa Robinson)

2020 Punting Champion – Bobby Smith (Venice)

2020 Punting 2nd Place – Joseph Sandorf (Tampa Sickles)

2020 Punting 3rd Place – Cole Hussung (Floyd Central HS, IN)

2020 Long Snapping Champion – Jacob Goldberg (Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest)

2020 Long Snapping 2nd Place – Richard Landes (Delray Beach Atlantic HS)

2021 Kicking Champion  – Andres Borregales (Chaminade Madonna,)

2021 Kicking 2nd Place (tie) – Christopher Maron (Plantation American Heritage-Plantation)

2021 Kicking 2nd Place (tie) – Alejandro Prado (Miami Columbus)

2021 Kicking 3rd Place – Mikkel Snitgaard (Fort Myers Riverdale)

2021 Punting Champion – Andres Borregales (Chaminade Madonna)

2021 Punting 2nd Place – Alejandro Prado (Miami Christopher Columbus)

2021 Punting 3rd Place – Antonio Dominguez (Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)

2021 Long Snapping Champion – Adinaan Lawrence (Fort Myers Riverdale)

2021 Long Snapping 2nd Place – Cole Vandergrift (Naples Barron Collier)

2022 Kicking Champion – Will Bettridge (Miami Gulliver Prep)

2022 Kicking 2nd Place – Dean Gordon (Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest)

2022 Kicking 3rd Place – Luis Palenzuela (Miami Christopher Columbus)

2022 Punting Champion – Giancarlo Abbate (Miami Christian)

2022 Punting 2nd Place – Dean Gordon (Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest)

2022 Punting 3rd Place – Will Bettridge (Miami Gulliver Prep)

2022 Long Snapping Champion – Tony Sabella (Orlando Bishop Moore)

Youth Kicking Champion – Samir Atassi (Plantation American Heritage)

Youth Kicking 2nd Place – Alex Davis (Timber Springs Middle)

Youth Kicking 3rd Place – Jackson Fain (Melbourne)

Youth Punting Champion – Alex Davis (Timber Springs Middle)

Youth Punting 2nd Place – Samir Atassi (Plantation American)

Youth Punting 3rd Place – Jackson Fain (Melbourne)

YOUTH Long Snapping Champion – Aiden Arias (Plantation American Heritage Plantation)

YOUTH Long Snapping 2nd Place – Andrew Dufault (Xaverian Brothers HS, MA)

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