Larry Blustein

SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Big Man Camp Attracts Athletes

Larry Blustein
July 18, 2018 - 10:56 am

For years, when 7-on-7 teams headed off to their tournaments, the linemen usually get left to work out on their own. Very few spotlight the athletes in the trenches, and when they do, it is not a grand spotlight at all.

This past Monday and Tuesday, NSU University School in Davie, and Keiser University in West Palm Beach hosted a camp that was exclusively geared to the linemen.

With many top line prospects from Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and even into Indian River, Bradenton and Jacksonville on hand, the prospects were treated to learning and getting better - from college coaches.

“Having Keiser University coaches run the drills and competition really gave this event a huge boost,” said Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services. “College coaches, video of all who took part – and a chance for these big men to showcase their skills.”

While many events do not video each and every athlete who attends, this two-day showcase was certainly one that gave many of these talented linemen a chance to make a huge impact.

Fishbein and others who attended the events were blown away by the technique that was learned - and in the end - many used the three hours to their advantage.

“I have been taking my stepson to as many events as I can,” Earl Raymond of Fort Lauderdale said. “Most are out to get your money and do what they can to make you feel special during the camp, but forget about you the moment you walk off that field, and that is something that is not only shared by me.”

Raymond has followed Elite Scouting Service and South Florida High School Sports long enough to know that the exposure is real - for everyone.

“Any parent who takes the time to get involved with their kids will see immediately who are out here to make a buck and those like Fish (Fishbein) and these guys out here who are on these young man every day,” Raymond pointed out. “Let the parents ask me, and I will tell them that there are a lot of frauds out here. I got my monies worth here - that’s for sure.”

No matter where you looked, there were big men gaining that advantage – and at the end of the day – that was indeed the sole purpose of this event.

“I know the Monday event was called early because of lightning in the area,” Fishbein said. “But just being a part of this and knowing that you will be promoted and watched, is a great thing – especially in an area that is so competitive and linemen are always looking for some of the spotlight.”

On Tuesday at Keiser University, coaches from across the region sent their athletes to an event that will certainly catch on. By the time the two day showcase of some solid big men had ended, players and their coaches are already talking about next year - which will certainly will include taking this well promoted event on the road.


With the first Elite Scouting Services Big Man Camps in the books, we have found that the region has some gifted football players. As you will see from the list of prospects who showed that their future is very important to them.

Here are those who signed up for this showcase:

Javier Amaya, OL/DL, Westland Hialeah

Xavier Angulo, OL/DL, Fort Lauderdale

Kenley Asse, OL, Miami Monsignor Pace

Larry Azema, OL, Miami Monsignor Pace

Julian Bastian, OL, Sunrise Piper

RileyBeldin, OL, Deltona

Tyler Belmont, OL, Coral Springs Coral Glades

Lens Bernadel, DL, Hallandale

Jadarius Bernard, DL, Port St. Lucie Centennial

Carlo Bisile, OL, West Palm Beach King’s Academy

Connor Blakes, OL, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

Charles Boatwright, DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Janil Brown, DL, Palm Beach Central

Nevell Brown, OL, Palm Beach Gardens Dwyer

Renato Brown, DL/OL, Palm Beach Central

Quindaris Burgess, DL, Palm Beach Central

Nathan Campbell, OL/DL, Hollywood McArthur

Shemaar Cambell, DL, Sebastian River

Raudy Candame, OL/DL, Hialeah-Miami Lakes

Kristopher Canfield, OL/DL, Sebastian River

Sebastian Caraballo, OL/DL, Westland Hialeah

Larry Cauley, DL, Hialeah-Miami Lakes

Stephen Chadwick, DL, Davie Western

Patrick Colas, OL, Greenacres John I. Leonard

Trever Conley, OL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Thomas Cunningham, Coconut Creek Monarch

Fabio Desir, OL, Miami Monsignor Pace

Bryan Donald, OL, Boca Raton Olympic Heights

Elijah Dorvilus, DL, Wellington

Tommy Dorzilme, DL, Boca Raton

Johnny Eggan, DL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Thaddeus Forbes, OL, Sebastian River

Axel Garcia, OL/DL, Westland Hialeah

Tearson Goles, OL, Oakland Park Northeast

Bryan Gonzalez, DL, Blanche Ely

Carlos Gonzalez, OL, Miami Coral Park

Jorge Gonzalez, OL/DL, Westland Hialeah

Kenny Gonzalez, OL, Miami Springs

Eli Green, OL, Sebastian River

Quintin Hall, OL/DL, Palm Beach Central

Jason Hammond, Jr., OL/DL, Walter C. Young Middle School

Iam Patrick Harrity, OL/DL, Davie Western

Theoddis Henley, OL/DL, Miami Springs

Keanu Herring, OL, Miami Springs

Lance Hollis, OL, Davie Nova

Brandon Hudgins, DT, Palm Beach Central

Ryan Huff, OL, Coconut Creek Monarch
Randy Ingraham, OL, Hallandale

Jovens Janvier, Hialeah Champagnat Catholic

Logan Jefferson, OL/DL, Sebastian River

Jake Johnson, OL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Jerry Johnson, OL, Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast 

Naim Johnson, DL, Palm Beach Lakes
Tremaine Johnson, OL, Miami Springs

Bryner Joseph, OL, Miami Monsignor Palm Beach Lakes

Bradley King, OL/DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Omar Lagarde, DL, Bradenton Manatee

Robert Lahon, OL, Boca Raton Olympic Heights

James Larmer, OL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Cheyenne Lecour, DL, Hialeah Champagnat Ctholic

Antoine Lee, OL, Fort Lauderdale

Osamaya Lima, DL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Dinstra Little, DL, Pompano Beach Blanche Ely

Kelly Louis, DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Sebastian Lowe, OL/DL, Sebastian River

Keven Lucas, OL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Brandel Luzincourt, DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Cornelius Mann, DE, Palm Beach Lakes

Marcel Martinez, OL/DL, Davie Western

Brandon McCartney, OL, Doral Academy

Tre McKinnon, OL/DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Denzel Mears, DL, Palm Beach Lakes

Michael Mianowski, OL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Alonzo Missick, OL, Hollywood South Broward

Rafael Montaner, OL, Miami Springs

Dalvin Montas, OL, Hialeah Champagnat Catholic

Christian Morales, OL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Brandon Noble, OL/DL, Sebastian River

Francois Nolton, DE, Middle School

Julian Odums, OL, Wellington

Cody Olsen, OL/DL, Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast

Tedrick Patterson, OLB, Palm Beach Central

Alejandro Perez, DL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Donnie Jay Polly, Jr., OL/DL, Sebastian River

Justin Powell, DL, Hialeah-Miami Lakes

David Richardson, OL/DL, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna

Zachary Rinehart, OL, Davie Western

Elijah Rios, OL, Boca Raton Olympic Heights 

Antwan Rivers, OL/DL, Sebastian Rivers

Sebastian Rojas, OL/DL, Davie Western

Eduardo Rosales, OL, Greenacres John I. Leonard

Ronaldo Sigers, OL, Pembroke Pines Somerset Academy

Ryan Sobel, OL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Kordray Stewart, OL, Palm Beach Central

Marcus Tate, OL, Fort Lauderdale University School

Roby Thelusme, DE, Greenacres John I. Leonard

Jack Thibodeau, OL, Davie Western

Clayton Thomas, DE, Jacksonville Trinity Christian

Daon Thomas, OL/DL, Sebastian River

Shemar Thompson, Port St. Lucie Centennial

Michael Torrence, DL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Reggie Troutman, OL, Coconut Creek Monarch

Karlis Bailey-Vice, OL/DL, Orlando Timber Creek

Joseph Villano, OL, Palm Beach Central

Emanuel Villatoro, OL, Fort Lauderdale

James Wayne, OL/DL, Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast

Jonathan Weaver, OL, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

Davanno Whitfield, DE, Doral Academy 

Joel Williams, OL, Miami Springs

Ricky Williams, OL, Davie Western

Daniel Wolford, OL, Fort Lauderdale

Joshua Young, OL, Coral Springs Taravella

Logan Zollo, OL, OL, Davie Western

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