Larry Blustein

OFF SEASON HUDDLE – Maximus Villar Is A True Hidden Gem

PLAYER: Maximus Villar


SCHOOL: Miami Christopher Columbus

CLASS: 2020



SCOUTING: There are so many prospects who are receiving a share of the spotlight this off season, but when it comes to impressing college coaches – on and off the field – here is a student/athlete that is certainly preparing for the future.

With several offers throughout the spring and summer, Villar is one of those talented young men, who many have watched in the past, but have not appreciated what he brings to the table.

A playmaker as a sophomore and this past season, during his junior year, Villar has grown nearly three full inches, added over 30 pounds and has not lost the instincts or quickness that his own coaches and teammates began to watch a long time ago.

As he starts his final season at the high school level, this is one of those gifted young men who will now become the household name that others before him had become. His production speaks for itself, and every member of this football team will tell you just how good a teammate he is as well.

While the media and fan websites will talk about those prospects who are receiving Power 5 offers on a daily basis, they spend little time talking about difference makers, and when all is said and done, this young man is as good as you get!


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