Larry Blustein

OFF SEASON HUDDLE – Shomari Seymour Is A ‘Big Man’ Everyone Is Watching

PLAYER: Shomari Seymour


SCHOOL: Plantation

CLASS: 2022

HEIGHT: 6-5 


SCOUTING: The days of us paying less attention to the linemen we have here in south Florida may be over.

For a region of the country that produces more than its share of quality talent – on both sides of the ball – linemen have not gotten the attention they deserve.

The reason that is starting to change are the number of quality prospects who have started to grab the spotlight, and there is no doubt that Seymour will be one of your next big time talents on the line.

Watch him perform and you are immediately sold, especially from such a young talent who is still learning how to play the position(s) up front. He has the size, athleticism, versatility and passion for the game.

The Colonels and veteran head coach Steve Davis, who have moved back with St. Thomas Aquinas in 7A, will need a player like this to keep them in the mix. 

Seymour has great feet and plenty of skill – competing against top-flight defensive linemen. Time will tell how much better he gets – and that will be the factor that will dictate his future.


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