Football Combine Season is Here

Friday Night Lights Football Combine Kicks Off The 2020 Season On December 20th

While there are dozens of camps and combines that are held throughout the year, promising you everything from exposure to college scholarship opportunities, there is only one that makes no promises other than exposure and a great time.

With over 100 years of combined experience in helping to expose, teach and develop athletes, the “Friday Night South Florida” combine is indeed a unique opportunity for underclassmen to jump onto the radar.

On Friday night (4-9), Dec. 20, the next season will officially kick off with the fifth annual first event of the off season at Ives Park (20901 N.E. 16th Avenue, Miami, FL 33179).

With former NFL standout receiver Chris Chambers and his impressive staff guiding underclassmen (2021-2024) through conditioning, testing, position drills and one-on-one football competition, this promises to be an evening for athletes and parents to remember.

“By moving it to the evening, it gives parents an opportunity to come and see what their child is doing,” Chambers explained. “Also, because it’s the holidays, athletes will have plenty of time to come from anywhere in southern, southwestern and central Florida to take part in something that is really a one-of-a-kind event.”

With so many years of experience, the team has used every event they run as a measuring stick of what needs to be improved to make this an experience to use as a spring board to their career in football. If you speak with anyone who has attended these events in the past – all will tell you that everything that was promised was indeed accomplished.

Football players who are now competing across the country have used this event to their full advantage. From Power 5 athletes all the way to junior college and prep school hopefuls, this combine gave them a huge push.

With Mike Barwis ( and his amazing team joining this impressive event, the bar has certainly been raised in the competitive world of recruiting.

In addition, with former south Florida running back standout Jerry Seymour and his highly successful Running Back Academy (, the experience continues to get better and better for the student/athlete in attendance.

“What we have done in the five years that we’ve run this event is continues to improve and add to what is already a rewarding and amazing experience,” said Laz, who everyone knows as ‘Bleechr’. “From photos and videos to the opportunity to start and maintain a profile on our website (, this has become something that nobody can duplicate. Not with all the people we have involved who are well respected and have decades of experience in dealing with colleges and recruiters.”


Speaking of college coaches, the combine will also have college coaches in attendance – with St. Thomas University, Florida Memorial University, Pike (Kentucky) University, Ave Maria, Keiser University and ASA Miami all scheduled to be on hand.


When it comes to hosting an event like this, leaving with something more than you had when it began is exactly what has made this event as popular as it is.

John St. Clair is an 11-year NFL veteran who participated in two Super Bowls, playing all five positions. The Jacobs Award winner will be on hand as a key coach.

Rocco Casullo is a former head coach at St. Thomas Aquinas and Mater Academy, where he won multiple state championships and well as a national title for the Raiders. He has been responsible for developing and teaching, and those in attendance will benefit from his years of experience.

“What this comes down to is hosting an event where there are no bells and whistles to deviate from the objective,” Laz (Bleechr) pointed out. “You look at Larry Blustein for a prime example. Here is someone who has devoted 50 years of his life to elevating and promoting athletes. He exposes these athletes 365 days a year – without hesitation, 6,000 athletes a year – and that is why this event is a must attend.”

Spots are now filling up quickly as the event draws closer. For just $40, each and every athlete will have the opportunity to experience something like never before. Register at

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