Adam Schefter: Miami Dolphins Have Spoken to the Cardinals About Trading for QB Josh Rosen

WQAM Radio
April 25, 2019 - 10:55 am

BOSTON (WEEI) -- Quaterback Josh Rosen’s status with the Cardinals continues to be one of the biggest stories surrounding tonight's NFL Draft. Could the Miami Dolphins trade for Rosen? It's a possibility, but in an interview this morning with NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Schefter says it's not likely, and there's a good chance Rosen remains in Arizona.

“I do know the story; I am not holding back. They do not have a trade, or anything close to a trade,” Schefter said.

“The only two teams they’ve spoken to over the last month have been the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants –– period. End of story."

"The Dolphins haven’t had contact with the Cardinals in days. The Giants, I believe, want to see how and where this draft unfolds before they would make a move. I’m telling you, they do not have a deal in place for Josh Rosen. I’m telling you, I am not holding back a single thing. There’s no deal in place. If there was a team that wanted Josh Rosen that badly, they would’ve traded for him on April 1, so he could go through the offseason program in the new offense and get familiar with that. Doesn’t that make sense?”

Check out the video above.