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7-23-19 Donno & Friedo Podcast Hour 3

Tuesday, July 23rd
Going into the noon hour with Donno & Ira Winderman talking: --Day Spa: Nasty Dog, Free Beer, Horse kicking crotch --Brady a good tweet --Sun Sentinel Bolw...

7-23-19 Evidence of The U Bias

Tuesday, July 23rd
Donno & Ira Winderman Prove their is a bias againt University of Miami. --1986 Team voted most hated of all time --Rundown of Top 10 most hated college...

7-23-19 Donno & Friedo Podcast Hour 1

Tuesday, July 23rd
Tuesday is off and rocking w/ Donno & Ira Winderman covering: --Dolphins Fitzpatrick or Rosen? --Hell a good place for a NFL Team --Miami Bias --Thinking...